Faculty of Social & Administrative Pharmacy

A brief introduction

The discipline of Social & Administrative Pharmacy focus is on the scientific and humanistic bases for understanding and influencing interactions involving patients, medicines, caregivers, and health care systems.

In teaching and research endeavours, the integration of knowledge of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals with knowledge from economics, history, sociology, psychology, management sciences, communication, education, epidemiology, law, and ethics come into play.

The domain of Social and Administrative pharmacy includes Social Pharmacy, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmaco-informatics, Pharmacy Management, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Pharmacy Practice, Public Health Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Policy, Health Systems Research, Health related Quality of Life Studies, Pharmaceutical Financing.

What the faculty seeks to achieve

The overarching goal of the faculty falls in line with SAP instruction in schools and colleges of pharmacy, which is to instruct students how to integrate and utilize economic, social and administrative tools to provide quality pharmacy services which will optimize patient outcomes.

It is expected that pharmacists with advanced training in SAP-specialized areas will make greater impact on society.

What the Faculty expects from Candidates, Members and Fellows

In advancing the College’s goal of producing high caliber Pharmacists, the Faculty expects candidates, members and Fellows to submit to the institution’s two cardinal core values of professionalism and team-work in training and practice.

Our uniting interest is the organisation of pharmacy practice and the provision of evidence for decision-making in the areas related to pharmacy policy and advocacy.

Pharm Samuel Nkum Tenkorang


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