Establishment  of the College

Establishment of Ghana College of Pharmacists

  1.  (1) There is established  by this Act   a body  corporate  with perpetual succession to be known  as the Ghana  College of Pharmacists.

             (2) Where there is  hindrance  to the acquisition  of property,   the property  may be acquired  for the                     College under  the State Property  and Contracts Act, 1960  (CA.  6) or the State Lands Act,  1962                        (Act 125) and the cost shall be borne by the College.

Objects of the College

  1.  The objects of the College are to

            (a) promote  specialist training  in pharmacy  and related  disciplines,

            (b) promote continuous  professional development  in pharmacy and related disciplines,

            (c) promote  research  in pharmaceutical   practice  and  related disciplines;   and

            (d) contribute  to the formulation  of policies on sound  health, medicine and public health generally.

Functions of the College

  1.  To achieve the objects,  the College shall

              (a) organise and supervise specialist training, promote continuous professional development and                              support research in pharmacy and related  disciplines;

             (b) conduct  and organise specialist examinations  in pharmacy and related  disciplines;

             (c) publish journals  and pamphlets  on pharmacy;

             (d) award diplomas and certificates on completion  of specialist training  and confer professional                             distinctions;

             (e) foster  cooperation  with  other  institutions with  similar objectives;

             (f) initiate and participate  in actions and discussions aimed at sound  health  and formulation  of                            public policies on health and medicines;  and

             (g) perform  any  other  functions   which  are  ancillary   to  the objects of the College.

Governing  body of the College

  1.  (1) The governing body of the College is a Council consisting of

             (a) a chairperson;

             (b) the President of the College who is elected by Fellows of the College;

             (c) the Rector of the College who shall be Secretary to the Council;

             (d) one representative  of

                      (i)    the Ministry of Health not below the rank of Director, 

                     (ii)  the Deans or heads of pharmacy  training schools, 

                     (iii)  the pharmacy  profession elected by practitioners; 

                     (iv)  the Pharmacy Council,  and

                     (v)   the Attorney-General not below the level of Principal State Attorney,

              (e) A Resident elected by Residents; and

              (f)  two other persons nominated by the President of the Republic.”

        (2) The members of the Council shall be appointed  by the President of the Republic in accordance  with                 article 70 of the Constitution.

        (3) The President  of the Republic shall have regard to gender in the appointment  of members  of the                       Council.

        (4)   The Council shall ensure the proper and effective performance of the functions of the College.

Functions  of the Council

  1.  The Council is responsible for the

          (a) implementation of policies,

          (b) mobilisation, control  and  supervision  of the finances  and estates of the College,

          (c) admission of Members and  Associate-Members  of the College,  and

          (d) recommendation of a member in good standing   to  be admitted  as a Fellow.

Tenure of office of members  of the  Council

  1.  (1) A member of the Council shall hold office for a term of three years and is eligible for re-appointment  for another  term only.

            (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to the Rector of the College.

            (3) A member of the Council may at any time resign from office in writing addressed  to the President                      through  the Minister.

            (4) A member of the Council,  other than the Rector of the College, who is absent from three                                      consecutive  meetings  of the Council  without sufficient cause ceases to be a member of the                            Council.    

           (5) The President of the Republic may by letter addressed to a member revoke the appointment  of                         that  member.

            (6)   Where a member of  the  Council  is, for a sufficient reason, unable to act as a member,  the                                   Minister  shall determine whether the in ability would result in the declaration  of a vacancy.

           (7) Where there is a vacancy

                 (a) under subsection (3) or (4) or section 91; or

                (b) as a result of a declaration  under subsection (6);  or

                (c)  by reason of the death of a member,

the Minister shall notify the President of the Republic  of the vacancy and the President  of the Republic shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy.

Meetings  of the Council

  1.  (1) The Council shall meet at least once every three months  for the dispatch of business at the time and in the place determined  by the chairperson.

            (2) The chairperson shall at the request in writing of at least one third of the members of the Council                        convene an extraordinary  meeting of the Council at the place and time determined  by the                                  chairperson.

            (3) The quorum at a meeting of the Council is seven members of the Council or a greater number  in                         respect of an important  matter.

            (4) The chairperson shall preside at meetings of the Council  and in the absence of the chairperson a                      member of the Council,  elected by the members present at the meeting from among their number                    shall preside.

            (5) Matters before the Council shall be decided by a simple  majority of members  present and voting                      and in the event of equality  of votes the person presiding shall have a casting vote.

            (6) The Council may co-opt  a person to attend a Council meeting but that person shall not vote on a                       matter for decision  at the meeting.

            (7) The proceedings of the Council  shall not be invalidated  by reason of a vacancy among the                                  members or a defect in the appointment or qualification  of a member.

Disclosure  of interest

  1.  (I)  A member of the Council who has an interest in a matter for consideration  by the Council

                (a) shall disclose the nature  of that interest and the disclosure shall form  part of the record  of the                          consideration of the matter;  and

               (b) shall not participate  in the deliberations  of the Council  in respect of that  matter.

          (2) A member ceases to be a member if that member has an interest in a matter before the Council and

              (a) fails to disclose that interest;  or

              (b) participates  in the deliberations  of the Council in respect of the matter.

Allowances  for members                                                                                     

  1.  Members  of the  Council  including  persons  co-opted  to  attend meetings   of the  Council  shall be paid  the allowances  approved  by the Minister  in consultation   with the Minister  for Finance.

                                                                                     The College

President  and Vice-President   of the College

  1.  (1) The President  of the College shall be a Fellow of the College elected by Fellows of the College and is the academic head of the College.

            (2) The College shall have a Vice-President who is

                 (a) a Fellow of the College and elected by Fellows of the College, and

                 (b) the head of a Division of the College 

Academic  Board

       94. (1) The College shall have an Academic  Board which  is responsible for the academic affairs  of the                          College.

           (2) The Academic Board comprises

               (a) the President who shall be the chairperson,

               (b) the Rector who shall be Secretary to the Academic  Board

               (c) the Editor of the College,

               (d) chairpersons of the various Faculties,   and

               (e) the Librarian who shall be in attendance.

Functions of the Academic Board

  1.  The Academic Board shall,  among other things,

             (a) approve courses of study and examinations  held in connection with the courses;

             (b) prescribe  by-laws,  rules and regulations  for the conduct  of the business of the College;

             (c)  determine  the criteria  for the admission  of Members  and Associate Members to the College;

            (d) approve  a structure  of operation  for the  effective performance of the functions  of the College;                        and

            (e) prescribe standards and training programmes  for specialists.

Committees  of the Academic Board

  1.  (1) In the performance  of its functions the Academic  Board  may 0r  form various  committees   including  education,   research,   finance  and editorial  committees.

            (2)  A  Fellow of  the  College who is not a member of  the Academic Board  may  be  co-opted   to                             serve  on  a committee of the Academic  Board.

Division  of the College

  1.  (1) The College shall have the following Divisions:

                 (a) Division of Pharmaceutical Care;

                 (b) Division of Pharmaceutical Production and Quality Assurance;

                 (c) Division of Social and Public Health Pharmacy; and

                 (d) any other division  determined by the Council on the advice of the Academic  Board.

            (2) A Division  shall consist of a number  of Faculties   created by the Division   with the approval  of                          the Academic  Board.

            (3) The Division  may, subject to the approval of the Academic Board, add new Faculties or remove old                     Faculties when necessary.

Division of Pharmaceutical Care

  1.  The Division  of Pharmaceutical   Care includes

           (a) the Faculty  of Clinical  Pharmacy; and

           (b) the Faculty  of Community  and Family  Planning.

Division  of Pharmaceutical Production   and Quality  Assurance

  1.  The Division  of Pharmaceutical   Production   and  Quality  Assurance includes

             (a) the Faculty of Drug and Herbal Medicine  Production;  and

             (b) the Faculty of Quality Assurance.

Division of Social and Public Health  Pharmacy

  1.  The Division  of Social  and Public Health  Pharmacy  includes                                                                                   (a) the Faculty  of Social  and Administrative  Pharmacy;   and                                                                                 (b) the Faculty of Public Health Pharmacy.

Divisional  Board

  1.  Each Division shall have a Divisional  Board which

            (a) is  responsible  for the overall organisation  and  supervision of the affairs of the Divsion;  and

            (b) shall regulate its own proceedings.

Composition  of Divisional  Board       

  1.  A Divisional  Board comprises

           (a) the Head  of the Division,

           (b) the Vice-Rector of the Division who shall be the Secretary, and

           (c) the  chairpersons and  secretaries of the  Faculties in the Division.

Tenure of office of members  of Divisional  Board

  1. A member  of a Divisional  Board shall hold office for a term of two years and is eligible  for re-election for another  term only.

Faculty Board

  1. (1) Each Faculty shall have a Faculty Board consisting of

                (a) the chairperson,  and

               (b) subject to the approval of the Academic Board,  three or more Fellows who are members of the                           Faculty, one of whom shall be elected as secretary.

          (2) The chairperson  and  other  members  of the Faculty  Board shall be elected by the Fellows who                         belong to the Faculty.

          (3) The chairperson  and  other  members  of the Faculty  Board shall hold office for a term of two years                  and are at the expiration  of the term eligible for re-election.

          (4) A Faculty Board shall

              (a) develop,  promote and implement the academic programmes of the Faculty;  and

              (b) nominate  Examiners  for approval by the Academic  Board.

College  membership

  1. The College shall have the following membership:

              (a) Foundation  Fellows;

              (b) Fellows;

              (c) Members and Associate Members;

              (d) Honorary  Fellows and

              (e) Affiliate Members.


  1.  (1) There shall be a secretariat for the College which is headed by a Rector.

            (2) The Rector shall be appointed by the Council and shall hold office on terms and conditions                                  specified in the letter of appointment.

            (3) The Rector must be a registered pharmacist and is the administrative head of the College.


  1. There shall be Vice-Rectors of the College who shall be appointed by the Council.

            (2) The Vice-Rectors  shall discharge duties assigned by the Rector and in the absence of the Rector,                      one of the Vice Rectors shall act as Rector.

            (3) A Vice-Rector is responsible for the administration  of a Division and may assist the Vice-President                    in the academic affairs of the Division.

Editor  and other  employees

  1.  (1) The College shall have an Editor who is responsible for publications of the College.

            (2) The  Academic   Board  shall  elect  the  Editor  from  among Fellows  of the College and the Editor                      shall hold office for two years and is eligible for re-election.

            (3)   Except  as otherwise provided,  the Council  may employ  for the College persons required  for the                      proper and efficient performance  of functions on terms and conditions that the Council                                      considers appropriate.

                                                      Financial and miscellaneous provisions

Funds of the College

  1.  (1)   The funds  of the College include

                (a) funds provided  from the Consolidated  Fund,

                (b) fees charged by the College,

                (c) income  from investment,

                (d) donations,  gifts,  bequests,  and

                (e) grants and loans.

           (2) The  College may retain  a percentage  of internally  generated funds realized in the performance  of                   its functions.

           (3)  The percentage  of the internally  generated  funds retained  by the College shall be as specified in                    writing by the Minister responsible for Finance.

Bank accounts

  1.  The  Council shall  open  for  the  College  an  account with  a recognised bank.

Accounts  and audit

  1.  (1) The Council shall keep books of account and proper records in relation to them in a form approved by the Auditor-General.

            (2) The Council shall submit the accounts  of the College to the Auditor-General  for audit  within                               three  months  after  the  end  of the financial year.

            (3) The Auditor-General  shaiI not later than three months  after the  end of the financial  year audit                           the accounts  and forward  a copy of the audited  report to the Minister.

            (4) The financial year of the College is the same as the financial year of the Government.

Annual report and other reports

  1.  (I)  The Council shall within  one month  after the receipt of the audit report submit an annual report to the Minister covering the activities of the College for the year to which the report relates.

            (2) The  annual  report  shall include  the report  of the Auditor-General.

            (3) The Minister  shall within one month  after the receipt of the annual report submit the report to                           Parliament  with a statement  that the Minister considers necessary .

            (4)  The Council shall also submit to the Minister any other reports which the Minister may require in                          writing.


  1.  The Minister  on the  advice  of the  Council  may by legislative instrument  make  Regulations  for the  effective implementation   of this Act.


  1.  In this  Part  unless the context otherwise requires “Affiliate  Member” means a Resident of the College;      “Associate  Member”   means  a person who has been awarded a diploma  by the College;

            “College’   means the Ghana  College of Pharmacists;

            “Council”  means the governing body of the College;

            “Faculty  Board”  means a Faculty  Board established under this Part;

            “Fellows”   means a body of Fellows consisting of Foundation Fellows,  Honorary  Fellows and other                        recognised Fellows;

             “Foundation Fellow”  means  a person  admitted  as Fellow of the College at its inception; 

             “good standing” means a Fellow, member  or Associate Member who has fulfilled all relevant                                   requirements  as determined by the College;

              “Honorary  Fellow”  means  a professional  or an individual  of high distinction on whom the College                     has conferred honours; “Member”  means  ~ person  who  has  completed  a specialist training                             programme  of the College;

                “Minister”  means the Minister responsible  for Health; “President” means the a Fellow who is in good                   standing and is elected as President of the Collegiate an Annual General Meeting of the Body of                          Fellows;

                “Resident” means a person who is undertaking specialist training in the College;  and

                 “Vice-President’  means the Vice President  of the College.

                                         Date of Gazette notification:   31st December, 2011.     

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