Faculty of Quality Assurance

A Brief Introduction

The Faculty of Quality Assurance is under the Division of Drug Production & Quality Assurance of the Ghana College of Pharmacists. The establishmet of the Faculty of Quality Assurance in the College was strategic. In pharmaceutical sense, Quality Assurance (QA) is a very broad field that refers to any aspect that may affect a drug’s quality during its research, development, manufacturing, and distribution, sales and use phases.

The purpose of quality assurance (QA) in the pharmaceutical industry, the public and private pharmaceutical supply systems is to make certain that each medicine reaching a patient is safe, effective, and of standard quality. In a hospital, clinic or community setting, QA activities should and must be comprehensive, spanning the entire supply process from medicine selection to patient use. Such requirements of QA demands a critical mass of suitably trained, qualified and skilled manpower to manage, supervise and sustain QA activities along the value added supply chain from discovery to dispensing.

Purpose of Faculty

The core goal of the Faculty therefore is to offer specialist training in pharmaceutical QA at both the membership level and the fellowship level. In this wise, the Faculty’s programmes have been designed, well-structured, broad-based inclusive syllabi formulated with inputs from experts industry and academia and tailored to meet the needs of the ever-increasing demands of the pharmaceutical industry, the health sector, research organizations, and academic institutions with special emphasis on the pharmaceutical quality management system and medicines regulatory system. It includes various aspects of Quality Assurance, GMP and related documentation, regulatory affairs and submissions, pharmaceutical quality control and analysis of medicines on advanced equipment and instruments.

Prospects & Expectations of Alumni of Faculty

The teaching and its accompanying experiential training are conducted with passion and purpose to position memebers and fellows who pass out of the Faculty ready to take up analytical, regulatory, and quality functions in the pharmaceutical and allied industry, academia, research institutions and health-related fields. Alumni of the Faculty are engaged nationally across the globe. Most of them have reached the epitome of career and occupy key decision-making positions. The Faculty expects the alumni not only to excel in their fields of engagement as specialists, experts and consultants but must also be in constant touch with the Faculty, contributing to the placements, knowledge pool, and development of the College in particular and the nation and the world as a whole.

Pharm. Rev Jonathan Y. Martey


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