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Welcome to The Ghana College of Pharmacists

The Ghana College of Pharmacists was established by section 84 to 113  of Act 833,  2011. The Mandate of the College is to: Promote specialist training in pharmacy, and related disciplines, Promote continuous professional development in pharmacy and related disciplines  Promote research in pharmaceutical practice and related disciplines, and Contribute to the formulation of policies on sound health, medicines and public health general.

We offer the best

15 Years Experiences in Education and Teaching

The College of Pharmacists offers training that will allow practicing Pharmacists to become experts in their fields of expertise. This is through the combination of theoretical and practical training. 

We offer fellowship programmes that orient you to become a strong professional as you climb the academic and professional ladder.

We operate in a small exquisite site with top world-class facilities to enable effective learning and training

We offer top-level research which are published in top journals.

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Pharm.Prof. Kwame Ohene Buabeng
Vice President
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