The Ghana College of Pharmacists was established by section 84 to 113  of Act 833,  2011.

Our Mandate

The Mandate of the College is to:

a. Promote specialist training in pharmacy, and related disciplines.

b. Promote continuous professional development in pharmacy and related disciplines.  

c. Promote research in pharmaceutical practice and related disciplines.

d. Contribute to the formulation of policies on sound health, medicines and public health general.


A world-class College for Specialized Pharmacy Practice for quality health care delivery.


Ghana College of Pharmacists exists to provide an avenue for enhanced pharmaceutical practice to the nation, through the provision of specialist training, improved trends in pharmaceutical practice and effective national policy formulation through the use of top class motivated staff and resource persons, using contemporary facilities and equipment for quality health care delivery.


To contribute effectively to continuous improved healthcare delivery in Ghana, through: Training of Pharmacy Specialists  Collaborative programmes with members of the healthcare delivery team  Collaboration with relevant stakeholders in policy formulation, implementation and monitoring Capacity development for research and information management.

Core Values
Professionalism: Promotes professional education that produces high caliber pharmacists who exhibits enhanced competencies for the benefit of society.
Team-work:   seeks  to provide residents with the  ability to use  problem-solving skills collaboratively in team-work.

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