I warmly welcome you to the Ghana College of Pharmacists. The College was established by section 84 to 113 of Act833, 2011

The College offers opportunity for practicing Pharmacists to undergo both theoretical and practical hands-on training to become Specialists and Experts in their fields of practice.

The areas include: Social and Administrative Pharmacy Practice, Drug Production and Quality Assurance, Clinical Pharmacy Practice, Community and Family Health Pharmacy Practice, Public Health Pharmacy Practice, Drug and Herbal Medicine Production Practice. It also provides a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme in all areas and disciplines required for effective Pharmacy practice.

I wish to formally welcome you to the Ghana College of Pharmacists website that provides you with the necessary background knowledge to the College including its activities and programs as well as a library resources and linkages to other sister specialist health training institutions both local and international.

It also offers you an opportunity to contribute to scientific, health and pharmaceutical knowledge through research and publications.

Thank You

Yvonne Yirenkyiwaa Esseku